“Before we met Terry we were given the run around by another builder and just not comfortable with how things were going, so we cut ties with that builder and met with Terry. I went from feeling completely defeated about building to being encouraged and excited again because Terry was excited to build us a beautiful home. He told us the whole build, he was building it like it was his own home and it shows. Our new house is everything we dreamed of and more and the quality is top notch. During the planning phase, Terry gave us advice that I will forever be grateful we listened to him about.

During the build, I had millions of questions, and Terry was always available to answer them as they came up. Terry prioritized the things that were important to us and helped us to achieve all the goals we had for our house. We love our house and I’m so grateful that we met Terry when we did.”

“I have recently completed the process of building our new home with Terry Jones of Custom Southern Homes. If you have ever built a home, you know it can be incredibly stressful and at times quite confusing. As we looked at different builders, we were being pushed in several directions. It was just by chance that we met Terry. My wife was showing her mother and sister our lot when she happened upon Terry and his wife Erica. Lora was immediately taken by Terry and insisted that we meet with him. I was sold on him being a builder. I had family and friends telling me that I needed to talk to more builders, but I trusted my gut and we are in a beautiful custom home.

Terry walked us through the entire process from clearing the lot to moving in. We absolutely love the home. One thing that really impressed me was how Terry kept us on budget and was able to find ways to enhance our home without pushing us out of budget. He definitely has the homeowners’ best interests at heart every step of the way.

If you are looking to build a home, take time to speak with Terry. You will be glad you did. We are glad we went with Terry Jones and Custom Southern Homes. He definitely lived up to “Dream It! Build It!”
Sincerely, Robert G Ransom, III

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Custom Southern Homes is proud to serve families throughout County and Baker County, Florida. We’re deeply familiar with these communities and their unique character, allowing us to create homes that not only meet individual requirements but also complement the distinct charm of our service area.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The timeline for building a custom home can vary widely based on the size and complexity of the home, the particular site conditions, and other factors. However, a typical range might be between 10 and 16 months from initial design to completion. At Custom Southern Homes, we provide a detailed schedule upfront and work diligently to stick to that timeline.

The cost of building a custom home can significantly vary depending on the size, location, materials used, and specific design features. At Custom Southern Homes, we work closely with you to establish a budget early on and then design a home that meets both your vision and your budget.

While it’s possible to make changes during construction, it can lead to increased costs and may extend the project timeline. At Custom Southern Homes, we encourage clients to finalize the design before construction starts to avoid these potential complications.

At Custom Southern Homes, we incorporate the latest energy-efficient technologies and materials into our designs. We can discuss specific energy-saving features during the planning phase to ensure your home meets your efficiency goals.

At Custom Southern Homes, our experienced project managers oversee the construction process. They coordinate with subcontractors, manage the construction schedule, and ensure quality standards are met. They are also your point of contact and provide regular updates on progress.

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